Plus Size Rock Clothing


Plus Size Rock Clothing, Instead of the trying the same kind of materials, try more organic fabrics that don't accentuate the wrong portions of your body. Lace is a good option, besides cotton.High and low waists can both be used to your greatest advantage. Wear a high waisted dress with a slimmer waistline and you can accentuate your curves better. Maybe even wear a belt to add emphasis, but if you are wearing pants, a lower waist band might look better.

Plus Size Rock Clothing Wear pants that sit low on your hips so your belly is better hidden. Choose the right prints. Prints can make or break a look. Plus size women should look for smaller prints that create a leaner look. You can try small polka dots, floral patterns and even simple prints with little motifs.Somehow plus size girls seem to think tapered pants will make them look slimmer.

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